Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition (12th – 14th April)

27 Explorer scouts from HHESU, WWESU and TESU undertook a practice expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh. We had 1 Gold team, 1 Silver team and the rest Bronze.

All of the teams had to complete their weekend as if it was the real expedition.

Tents were put up on Friday evening to be brought down on Saturday morning to then be put up again on Saturday evening to be brought down again on Sunday morning.

The teams also had to make their own packed lunches and cook a hot meal on Saturday night after their first day of the expedition.

It rained Friday night and all day Saturday, which just left everyone very soggy and cold. Thankfully after a very windy night on Saturday the sun came out to play and the weather was beautiful….

This was a great weekend for everyone to test their kit out, work as teams and really think about what they could change or do better for the real thing.

The whole weekend was a test for everyone including HHESU’s Group Scout leader ‘Thomas Graham’ who had his ‘Nights Away’ assessment… Which of course he passed with flying colours. Congratulations Thomas!!

Hopefully with more work on navigation and team work and a bit more practice… the real thing will be a real breeze.


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