Summer Camp Report

One of the explorers, Eve, wrote a report on Summer Camp. Here it is…

“In August, Highgate and Hornsey ESU embarked on their first summer camp as an explorer unit, to Great Tower campsite in the Lake District. We were all very excited about the campsite since we knew this was where the Duchess of Cambridge did her training as a Cub leader, so it must be good! After a six hour drive we arrived in the early evening, all eager to stretch our legs! We explored the site briefly, before unpacking. Our site was one of the most secluded ones, north of the camp centre. We pitched our tents, ate a quick dinner and went to bed.


Over the week, we did so many exciting activities. We did bell-boating (two big canoes attached together), where we beat the team from Essex every time! There was also a belly-flop competition, and a game of ladders, where when your number is called, you stand up on the boat, and run a circuit of the two boats, trying to be the fastest to get back to your seat. A few explorers landed in the water, although I’m sure it was entirely intentional.

We sailed on a windy Lake Windermere, where the leaders’ boat was funnily enough the only one that capsized!  We raced to sail round the island, ‘tacking’ against the wind.

One of the activities everyone really enjoyed was the ghyll scrambling. This consisted of walking up rivers, climbing up waterfalls and jumping off them! Although rather chilly, everyone had a great time.

Mid-week, we had a day of hiking. Everyone chose whether they wanted to do a hike through a few different peaks, or one up the biggest mountain in England- Scafell Pike. Although challenging, everyone felt so proud afterwards, and it felt pretty good to be the highest people in England!

Caving in the Yorkshire Dales was really fun, and everyone got up close and personal with the caves- squeezing through some incredibly tight tunnels!

The atmosphere around the campsite was really fun also. We played cards, camp golf (with a Frisbee) and in the morning groups of us would walk down to Lake Windermere. Even when it got very rainy, spirits were kept high. There were activities at the site too, including orienteering, crate stacking, and night line- an obstacle course done blind folded.  We also visited some of the local towns, the best of which was Ambleside, which we took a boat to.

Everyone had a brilliant time on camp, and we thank our leaders who all put so much effort into organising this for us, and to Great Tower, who hosted us!”

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