Summer Camp Report

One of the explorers, Eve, wrote a report on Summer Camp. Here it is… “In August, Highgate and Hornsey ESU embarked on their first summer camp as an explorer unit, to Great Tower campsite in the Lake District. We were all very excited about the campsite since we knew this […]

We support No More Page 3

Last Monday, we joined the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign in support of GirlGuiding UK. The explorers came to their decision after a debate during our weekly meeting where the topic was properly proposed, challenged and defended. The group voted overwhelming to get rid of Page 3 as it is […]

HHESU hits the surf

Over the Easter weekend 14 representatives (“dudes”) from Haringey’s Highgate & Horney ESU visited the Cornish coast for a long weekend of Surfing. After a long drive through the Easter getaway traffic on Friday, the Unit arrived in Cornwall at around 9pm, leaving just enough time for dinner before settling […]

International Food Night

Last week we traveled the world with our international food night! 5 teams, 8 countries and our amazing Explorer Chefs! Here is a run down of what was on the menu: American Chilli Mexican Fajitas Chicken Madras Italian Meatballs Australian Kangaroo burgers Spanish Sangria South African Fruit Salad American Chocolate […]